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28. února 2013 v 4:48
Flying solo with 3 year old twins

I will be doing something crazy this holiday and plan to fly with my just turning 3 year old twin girls alone. It will be a direct flight on Delta for ~4 hours. They've flown a few times before however I've always had one person to help me.

1) Should I bring their car seats on board? Never done it before. They don't have a problem with it in the car but I'm worried they want their freedom on the plane. I have Grace65 My rides

I had carseats at our arrival destination so I didnt bring them. Once we got on the plane I put their belts on and explained to them they had to keep them on. And the flight attendant came by and explained it to them too.

They were actually really good for keeping them on.

They did love getting up to walk though (there was no running up and down hitting other passengers lol), and every 20 min someone had to pee. So we were up and walking a lot.

Don't be afraid to get Cheap MONSTER Beats up with them. We went to the back of the plane and my boys made friends with the flight Monster Beats Wireless attendants

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

I also did what pp said, They each had a backpack with toys that they picked out and then I added some crayons and paper.

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